Unveiling Home Trends

Unveiling Home Trends

We understand the importance of staying ahead in the dynamic worlds of design and real estate. It's not just about being trendy; it's about embracing innovation to live sustainably and enhance our living spaces. Join us as we explore the top 10 trends that can positively influence your choice between single or multifamily housing.

1. Homeowners Opting to Stay Put

With interest rates for a 30-year fixed mortgage still high, many homeowners are choosing to optimize or expand their existing square footage. Explore the wish list for those staying put, featuring sustainable features, accessory dwelling units, pickleball courts, remodeled basements, and more.

2. Specialized Needs for an Aging Population

Architectural firms like The Architectural Team are addressing the specialized needs of an aging population. Discover innovative designs, such as The Cordwainer, featuring private and double rooms, a two-story atrium, performance center, game room, and a memory care garden.

3. Smaller Single-Family Homes and More Townhomes

Variety is the spice of homebuilding. Explore the trend of smaller single-family homes and the popularity of ranch houses. Attached townhomes and stacked flats are gaining ground due to the need for smaller square footage in dense sites.

4. Bigger Apartments for Remote Work

As single-family homes shrink, apartments are growing in size to accommodate remote work. Learn about the shift from an average of 870 square feet to around 1,000 square feet and the increased demand for more bedrooms.

5. Homeowners Embrace Sustainable Energy Use

Sustainability is on the rise, backed by federally supported incentives for builders. Discover how homes like those from Netze Homes are leading the way in energy efficiency, lower construction waste, and reduced carbon emissions.

6. Luxury Spec Building Demand on the Rise

Luxury spec houses and townhomes continue to thrive, especially in South Florida. Explore the features that remain in demand, including modern designs, flat roofs, wood detailing, pools, and open plans.

7. Multifamily Amenities in Small Buildings

Discover the trend of "amenity creep" in smaller buildings, where features like EV stations, shared parking, and communal spaces are becoming increasingly popular. These amenities create a culture that goes beyond traditional property management.

8. The Kitchen Remains the Heart of the Home

The kitchen is a timeless focal point. Explore enduring trends such as organized walk-in pantries, artisan features, and the growing popularity of induction cooktops.

9. Natural, Native Landscaping Takes Center Stage

Homeowners are prioritizing conservation through natural, native landscaping. Explore the emergence of conservation communities like Pendergrast Farm in Atlanta, where energy-efficient homes coexist with preserved land for woods and a working farm.

10. "New" Neutrals for the Exterior

Discover the popularity of neutral colors, especially darker hues like midnight blue and charcoal gray. These colors not only express confidence but also offer homeowners the chance to market their homes without frequent repainting.

As we navigate these exciting trends, we are here to guide you through the ever-evolving landscape of design and real estate. Embrace the future with us as we transform living spaces into havens of sustainability, comfort, and modern style.

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